Business Transformation

The Space Between

Strategy and Execution

About Business Transformation

Are you constantly working to stay ahead of the curve of the ever-changing business environment? Maybe you know you should but haven’t, or you have tried but have not succeeded. If you’re ready to learn how to make fundamental changes that will consistently improve your business long term, you need to master the principles of Business Transformation.

Both the book “The Space Between Strategy & Execution” and “The Business Transformation Strategy Course” offered by seasoned consultant, author, and trainer N. Gregory Harden provide an engaging walkthrough of these principles for executives, practitioners and students alike. Tap into these resources to understand how to effectively upgrade the systems, processes, people, and technology needed to achieve lasting Business Transformation.

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The Space Between Strategy and Execution

About the Book

The Space Between Strategy and Execution: 8 Pillars of Successful Business Transformation” by consultant, trainer and educator Gregg Harden is a toolset for executives, practitioners and students that provides readers with a holistic view of the concept of business transformation and how to manage it successfully.

This handbook provides a clear structure for how to deal with the challenges of implementing strategic business transformation projects. Each chapter walks you through a new step in the process, from identifying the space between developing a business strategy to achieving the desired outcomes to gaining high-level insights into the impacts of change management and process improvement on the success of business transformation efforts.

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“Any size business would benefit from this book as either a starting point or a refresher to ensure they are doing it well. If you are in the midst of strategically planning for the rest of this year, purchase this book as a resource for your entire leadership team to successfully avoid potential pitfalls and discuss key questions.”

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The Course

Business Transformation

In today’s competitive business environment, effectively and efficiently responding to challenges and opportunities for growth is eminent to success. “The Business Transformation Strategy Course” will help you learn how to do just that.

Author, Consultant and Trainer Gregg Harden brings his twenty-five years of business consulting experience to this course to help participants embrace the power of strategic planning and the criticality of execution. With his expert guidance, you will enhance your business processes, develop better methods of operation, and improve the quality of your business outcomes.

Gain a competitive advantage as a business consultant, manager, or executive by learning what it takes to transform a business. Click below to learn how to leverage the 8 Pillars of Successful Business Transformation to take your business vision from strategy to execution.

Why Business
Transformation Training Matters

Understanding the principles of Business Transformation is critical to an organization’s ability to respond to the shifting business ecosystem and navigate  the evolving complexities of change. When a business wants to not only stay relevant but also flourish and pursue emerging opportunities through innovation, it needs Business Transformation.

A Unique Program Designed for Students, Practitioners, Organizations and Educators

This course is a one-stop-shop for all the knowledge you need to effectively transform any business—whether you’re a student, practitioner, organization, or educator.

You can use the course to become a certified business transformation consultant, train your management team, or simply learn how to improve your small business.

Within the course, each phase addresses the rational aspects of transformation and helps you identify and overcome common pitfalls, such as lack of knowledge of the process, tardiness of implementation, underestimation of experience required, and readiness to absorb and manage transformation initiatives.

You will be given opportunities to journal your thoughts, outline your objectives, and begin structuring your processes so that you will be ready to implement your personalized business transformation plan by the time you finish the course.

Included in
the course

Module 1: Introduction and Overview

Module 2: Identifying the Business Gaps

Module 3: Developing the Strategy

Module 4: Outlining the Strategic Initiatives

Module 5: Developing the Business Benefits

Module 6: Prioritizing the Initiatives

Module 7: Developing Measurements to Track Performance

Module 8: Outline the Implementation Roadmap

Module 9: Governance – Managing and Evaluating the Program

Module 10: Change Management

Module 11: Performance Improvement Programs

Module 12: Conclusion and Action Plan

About the
Transformation Program

Change happens no matter what you do—your customer base, business partnerships, legal and political environments—and all you have control over is how you prepare and respond. You can be prepared by having transformational programs in place to guide your enterprise through these rough waters.

“The Business Transformation Strategy Course” takes leaders through a journey that equips them to:

  • Identify opportunities to address specific problems within the firm.
  • Prioritize and roadmap business initiatives to gain maximal success.
  • Create a program to manage transformational strategies.
  • Manage organizational transformations in the form of the people and processes required to enable measurable and significant change.

Outcomes from the Business Transformation Program

The expected outcomes of this course focus on learning the techniques to develop and manage a business transformation program. Participants will apply these skills to develop a program for their business, enterprise or personal transformation program.

The concepts, models, tools, and techniques discussed and practiced during the course focus on improving the business’s ability to create value empowered by a focus on the underlying business processes which support the business strategy.

The course will help you design a functional plan to improve business performance (growth, sales, profitability) by utilizing the business transformation approach. The transformation plan will help you apply the conceptual framework discussed during the course. And the course itself will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out your personalized plan.

Your Learning Journey

In addition to the practical knowledge that you’ll gain from the lectures, you’ll be learning about business transformation from experienced business practitioners. You’ll engage in peer discussions moderated by course facilitators and solidify concepts through case studies, assignments and quizzes. At the end of the program, you will complete a capstone project, addressing a real-world (real-time) challenge you face in your organization.

Industry Examples

Across all industries, business transformations have had a significant impact of business growth and profitability. Learn from these examples. Each excelled by developing new products, services and business models; repositioning their core business; and financial performance.

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Business Transformation

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